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Powerbook - First Aid for the Soul

Powerbook - First Aid for the Soul

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Powerbook - First Aid for the Soul

Trauma Self-Help for Young People

Author: Dr. Andreas Krueger

ISBN: 978-3-9814282-1-6

This book helps young people to recover after painful experiences
by showing them how to heal their emotional wounds.

On the outside, a young person may seem to have overcome their
traumatic experience. On the inside, though, their suffering continues
and causes serious problems.

Based on numerous case studies, the Powerbook can help traumatized
young people to come to a better understanding of their experiences.
They gain self-confi dence and finally realize: “I am totally normal – what
is mad is what I had to go through!

Using simple language and vivid pictures, the author suggests ways of
self-healing, which result in fast and noticeable relief. And he shows how
an emotionally injured person can learn to support her or himself.

Through its many practical tips and exercises, the Powerbook can also
be used as a ‘story and workbook’ for children. Topics that a child does not
understand straight away can be made clear by an adult.

The Powerbook serves as a valuable resource for all parents and teachers,
as well as those working in the social and related professions. It is also
an indispensable tool for therapists and educationalists.

Andreas Krüger on the book:

‘I step into a dialogue with my readers, which helped me get close to the young people while I was writing the book. Lots of conversations that I had with my patients came to my mind while I was writing it. They helped me to understand what a soul is, what it needs, and how healing can be achieved. This gives traumatized young people the chance to be free, happy and develop successfully.’

The author:

Dr. Andreas Krüger was born in 1964 and is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, as well as a trauma therapist. He founded the trauma outpatient clinic for children, young people and their families at University medical centre Hamburg-Eppendorf. He is head of the Institute of Psychotraumatology for Children and Young People in Hamburg ( and medical director of ‘Ankerland Association – Help for Traumatized Children’ ( He teaches at Colleges and is the author of numerous publications on the subject of trauma.

Other books by the author, published
by Klett-Cotta and Patmos / Walter
(all German versions):

• Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy
for Children and Young People. PITT-KID.
The Manual

• Acute Emotional Traumatization in Children
and Young People. A Manual for Outpatient

• First Aid for Traumatized Children
(also available in Polish and Spanish)


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